Contour Core Sculpting System Review

The Contour Sculpting System is a new way of tightening your stomach to get rid of extra inches around the waist. Some are skeptical about it because you really do not have to do any exercises for the system to work. With a simple push of a button your abs are going to be worked by a tightening motion.

The Contour bypasses the brain and sends a signal directly to your muscles, telling them to flex and relax. The Contour can perform the perfect repetition each time. No getting lazy. No wondering if you are getting a great workout. No worries about hurting yourself by lifting too much weight. If you read the posts where people say that it does not work you will see that the posts are from people that have not even tried it. T

hose who have tried it all say that they love it and they are very happy with it. If you do not see results, there is a 100% money back guarantee. The best part is you will most likely see results within the first two weeks. The money back guarantee is good for an entire month and comes with a full year warranty.

The Contour Core Sculpting System uses an eating plan that will enable you to safely lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass. Since over 50% of the body fat is right beneath the skin, as bad fat is decreased, the muscles will be more visible and thus any change in shape or muscle tone will be more evident. Most customers are so thrilled when they see results so quickly that eating healthier becomes natural and will help maintain great results.

The Countour Sculpting System Includes:
1. Contour CoreBelt – one size fits all
2. M2 Controller
3. 4 Electrodes (Contour Gel Pads)
4. 4 AAA Batteries
5. Use and Care Manual
6. Diet and Exercise Guide
7. VIP – Talk Hotline Card
8. 1 year warranty
9. Travel Back Pack Bag (Bonus)


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I review TV products based on customer review. This product is getting great reviews.